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 Plants of the Avatar World

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Air Nomads: White Lotus - A white flower, famed for its beauty and for the Pai Sho tile modeled after it.
Leechi Nuts - Small, reddish brown nuts notable for their taste and abundance. Leechi nuts are a special favorite of Winged-Lemurs.
[edit] Water Tribe: Sea Prune - A prune that grows underwater.
Seaweed - Really a kind of algae
[edit] Earth Kingdom: Apple - Sweet, cultivated fruit.
Bacui Berries - Berries known to cure the poison of the White Jade plant.
Banana Leaf - Used as medicine.
Banyan-Grove Tree - A tree that encompasses and is the heart of the Foggy Swamp.
Cabbage - Cultivated Leafy vegetable.
Cactus - A spiky "juice" filled plant found in deserts, ("juice" causes hallucinations).
Camellia sinensis - The tea plant, is the species of plant whose leaves and leaf buds are used to produce tea.
Chile pepper - Spicy, colorful fruits.
Ginger Root - Used to make a type of tea.
Jasmine - Flower used to make tea.
Leechi Nuts - Leechi nuts also grow in the earth kingdom (see "Leechi nuts-Air Nomads").
Macahoni Berries - Berries which cause blindness, very similar in appearance to Bacui Berries.
Mango - Cultivated, sweet, orange-red fruit.
Moon Flower - A white flower that grows best in partial shade.
Moon Peach - Sweet, pale round fruit.
Panda Lily - Rare black and white flower found only near volcanoes, a symbol of love.
Papaya - Waxy orange fruit.
Rice - Cultivated white grain.
Plum Blossom - Cultivated for its fruits and flowers.
Sandalwood - Aromatic plant, used as medicine.
Seaweed - Really a kind of algae.
Soy - Made into sauce and tofu.
Watermelon - Sweet, juicy melon.
White Dragon - A plant with red-white flowers, famed for the tea made with its leaves and flowers.
White Jade - A plant with red-white flowers, poisonous (causes rashes, fatal if not treated).
[edit] Fire Nation: Ash Banana - Long, grey squash.
Camellia sinensis - The tea plant, is the species of plant whose leaves and leaf buds are used to produce tea.
Chile pepper - Spicy, colorful fruits.
Fire Lily - A vibrantly red flower, famed for its beauty, only blooms for a few weeks each year.
Lemon - Sour yellow fruits.
Purple Berries - Used for dye.
Rose - Aromatic cultivated flower.
Ocean Kumquat- Small, round fruits, similar to Sea Prunes.
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Plants of the Avatar World
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